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Rappelling | Week VI

Omaygaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!! SOOOO THIS IS MY LAST BLOG OF THE WEEK! THIS WEEK IS NOT LIKE MY OTHER BLOGS THIS BLOG IS ABOUT EXPERIENCE ABOUT RAPPELLING! SO THIS WHAT HAPPENS.. Last monday yesterday our pe teacher Sir fajardo told us that this is the last day of rappelling. so rappelling is descend a rock face orContinue reading “Rappelling | Week VI”

Bonding | week V

This week is extraordinary. Me and my fellow classmates suprised our adviser Sir Diego Unde. Because that day is valentines day. But that plan didnt go well HAHAHA! Because our adivser already notice that there is a suprise for him. So we decided to go with the flow instead of telling him the truth. TheContinue reading “Bonding | week V”

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